Mommy and Me Giveaway!

Well, we’ve got some exciting news – we are expanding our Mommy and Me line to include some mini scarves for your bigger littles.  That’s right – now we’ve got little scarves to match mom for your toddler to big kid!

And to kick it off, we’re giving away the very first set!  It’s easy – just click the link in the raffle box below to like us on Facebook, and you’re entered to win!  Winner will be announced on Thursday, November 21st.

Mommy Scarf is a 65″ loop, 20″ wide, and made from a soft viscose with an aztec owl print.  Mini Scarf is approximately half the size, with no wrapping required.  Fits toddlers and kiddos of all sizes!


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Happy Halloween Wallpaper


With our fake holiday earlier this month and an upcoming sale on zulily this month has been crazy so I didn’t have time to make a new pattern, but I’ve dusted off a pattern I had previously made. And it just happens to work out that it is somewhat festive.


A few years ago I made it my mission to get a t-shirt design printed through threadless. If you don’t know about check it out they hold weekly contests for illustrators and print winning designs on all kinds of great products. It took quite a few tries but here is the design that finally got picked! I hope you enjoy it and it adds some spookiness to your phone for Halloween.

iPhone     iPhone5     iPad




8th Annual Kurbis

I normally try to keep these posts less personal, but thought some people may enjoy this or even get inspired to start their own new tradition. A little over 8 years ago I was finishing up college and started thinking about carving my own path in the world. A big part of that path was going to be starting a family and loosing touch with many close friends. One great thing within families are the traditions you pass down, and I wanted to start one of my own. I wanted to make a tradition centered around my friends and their families, something that would allow us to reconnect once a year even when our lives got busy. I picked an existing holiday to tie the tradition to. We decided Columbus Day would be a good holiday to replace. “Kurbis” was born.


A few small things have changed over the years (like the number of kids there are now) but the basic activities have stayed the same and we just celebrated our 8th year. Everyone who comes brings a pumpkin, $3 and some food. We all carve pumpkins, catch up, watch a B-Horror movie, and eat together for the first half of the event. This year we added watching “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” upstairs for the kids while the other movie played downstairs. Everyone puts their $3 into a traveling trophy and then we play a classic game in a tournament style. The winner gets the trophy for the year and keep it’s contents. This year we played UNO. Past years have included Clue, Yahtzee, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Jenga. So far it’s been a different game each year, AND The trophy has managed to make it back every year.



Finally we stack up all our carved pumpkins and admire them briefly before lighting them in a bon fire and taking a group picture behind the flames. While there are always new faces coming, there are quite a few that have been almost every year. It’s been a great way to catch up with everyone and now that we are all starting families it will be fun to have our kids grow up with this new tradition.




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September Wallpaper

It’s only fair that this month I feature cats on the wallpaper since I featured dogs last month. I have to admit I may not call myself a cat person, but I do enjoy a good cat video on YouTube now and then.  So I figured why not feed the internet’s cat craze. But, if your going to add to the craze then at least its with a really fun design!  If I ever come across a cat with a bow-tie, hipster glasses or a whisker mustache then I think I just may convert to a cat person.



This design actually looks really nice with the new iOS update. I love happy surprises.

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Screen printed signs

Every so often I get the urge to make something just for the fun of it. This time around I made some screen printed wood signs for our home. Tabitha and I came up with some phrases that we wanted to use and then I designed the text. We found some blank wood signs at a thrift store, stained them and then screen printed.

IMG_0204 IMG_0198 IMG_0191IMG_0196

We are really happy with how they turned out and they definitely capture life in our home. I think I will be making more of these in the future and may even put some in our store if there’s an interest. Hope you like them. What would your sign say in your about your home?

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Big Girl Office


So, in case you haven’t heard – I got a new job this fall!  After 3+ years in grad school and 2+ years without a full time job, I got my dream job as a high school counselor (and even before I graduated!).

That being said, I also got a new office!  Naturally, I just had to fill it with fun and color immediately.  Take a look and see some of my favorite highlights and check out the source list to find some fun for your very own space!


1. Lion Head – inspired by Mahzer and Vee.  They are fun, colorful, and also super friendly.  Check out their etsy shop and facebook page to get something special of your very own!


2. Custom Chevron Sign – made by Holly’s Hobbies.  She is happy to make custom requests and gets it all done timely.  Check out her etsy shop to see what else she’s got up her sleeve!


3. Hand-thrown Vase – made by Owlet Pottery.  She makes all sorts of fun things from tea pocket mugs to earrings to vases.  Check out her etsy shop to see more!

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Mommy and Me Scarf Bib Giveaway!


With summer coming to an end, we are looking forward to fall fashion for both mom and babies!  Kick off your Labor Day weekend with a chance to win your very own Mommy and Me Scarf and Scarf Bib set!  It’s easy – just scroll down and click the links for your chance to win this vibrant, colorful set to start your fall off right.  The winner will be announced Tuesday, September 3rd!

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Thrift Scores

Well, I’m at it again – snapping up some vintage finds to liven up my closet!

As soon as I saw this geometric print, I knew I had to have it.  And, at $3, I simply couldn’t pass it up!


This one came with a bit of work.  Let’s face it – this dress isn’t exactly ready for public wearing as-is.  It’s over-sized, way too long, and not quite flattering.  But, a little nip here, a little tuck there,  and I’ve got myself a cute empire waist summer dress in a fun retro print!


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August Wallpaper

Free wallpaper time. I’ve got another simple pattern for you this week. I really enjoy making these geometric patterns and will probably play around with them some more in the future for new wallpapers. This month I used my dog as inspiration. Her name is Mulva (Seinfeld reference) and she is an Italian Greyhound. Here she is featuring another use for the scarf bibs we just started selling.


I am definitely a dog person and you don’t see Italian greyhounds on many things so I thought it would be fun to give it a try. For all you cat fans out there though I think I may try and do a cat pattern next month. For now I hope you enjoy this one.


iPad iPhone iPhone5

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