First Kids Photo Shoot


I’ve heard that the two most difficult types of photo-shoots are the ones that involve children and animals. But since we just put a bunch of new Toddler Ts on the website we decided to take a stab at a kid photo-shoot anyway. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun and our friend’s adorable boy was the perfect model for our T’s. We were only able to get photos of him in a few of our shirts but those photos turned out great as you can see above.


He was way more interested in our dog at the beginning and then in our daughter at the end of the shoot, but in between he worked the camera like a pro. We are lucky to have friends with such cute kids 🙂

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Baby Shower – It’s a Boy!

My beautiful sister-in-law is having her first baby! It’s a boy, and with a cute name like Miles, the fam decided to throw an airplane themed baby shower:)

Guests were greeted by shades of blue, along with cute little travel themed stations to leave impressions and make memories. Even the snacks were travel-themed, including cloud cupcakes, pretzels, peanuts, juice, and soda for all!


Baby Stations:
ETA Board – guests could pay $1 per guess to place a little cloud or airplane with their name and guess at the date and time of the baby’s arrival. When Miles finally decides to come along, the closest guess wins half the cash!

Diaper Raffle – guests earned 1 raffle ticket for every 10 diapers they brought for the mom-and-dad to be! They could then enter their tickets to win a variety of prizes, from beer to coffee bag pillows, to handmade jewelry. Raffle prizes were drawn at different intervals during the present opening to break things up a little bit and keep people engaged.

Thumbprint signature – For about $10, I ordered an oversized print from of the mom and dad to be, and guests used their fingerprints and stamp pads to create clouds in the sky!

Passport Photos – we had a photo booth! The mom and dad to be work part time for KC Photobooth (a super fun company that provides a real photobooth for weddings and parties:). So, guests were able to hop in, have fun, and take some of their own little “passport photos” home with them!


We all had a blast, and baby Miles got everything he needed. Micah is looking forward to seeing her cousin very soon!



Mommy and Me Scarf Giveaway!


Love this adorable coordinating scarf set for mommy and baby?  It could be yours!  It’s easy – just click the link in the raffle box below to like us on Facebook, and you’re entered to win!

Mommy Scarf is a 65″ loop, 12″ wide, and made from a soft jersey knit in bold mustard and white stripes.  Baby Scarf-Bib is made from soft jersey knit in mustard (front) and grey (back).  Fits babies up to 18 months.

Want to make your very own scarf-bib for baby?  Check out our tutorial here!

Also, be sure to check us out on Zulily today, where you can find our onesies and toddler tees up to 40% off for a limited time!

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Feb. Free Wallpaper!!!

We wanted to share some love with you guys, since tomorrow is Valentines Day. The holiday people love or hate. I know I’ve had a taste of both. So for this month’s free wallpaper I decided to take a more neutral stand. Hopefully this illustration and quote by Aesop will bring a little warmth to your heart (regardless of your current relational status). Let us know how you feel about the holiday or what you plan to do for it (wether you love it or hate it) in the comments!



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Free Money for You or Your Little!

Well, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we wanted to share some love!  So, we are giving away $30 to our shop for whatever your heart desires.  Who says Valentine’s Day is just for flowers and chocolates?!  Get something special – a scarf, a pillow, a onesie, a poster!  Or, hey, get them all – who are we to stop you?!

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Introducing Toddler Ts

We are super excited to announce a bunch of new items that will be available this month. We will be premiering them at our Zulily sale on the 13th so be sure to check it out there for your first chance to get them. The biggest thing is that we are now making Toddler Ts with some of our designs on them. We are really excited about them and hope like them too. This month we really want to show our love by not only making another tutorial, and designing another free mobile wallpaper but we will also be having a couple giveaways so be sure to check back.


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Little Leggings Tutorial with Free Pattern!

This post has been our most popular, and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback along the way.  A year and a half later, we have decided to UPDATE!  While the instructions largely remain the same, we’ve done a complete overhaul on the pattern, creating one with a rise in the back for more booty space:).  We also added 2 sizes – 18 month and 2T.

After hours upon hours over days and weeks, which included lots of frustration and mess-ups along the way, we finally came to a happy end result!  Let me tell you – it was difficult, time consuming, and fun all at once.  We are not pattern makers, and we now have SO MUCH appreciation for everyone out there who is!  With that said, we have no plans to make updates to this fun little tutorial in the future:).  We hope you like the changes and encourage you to try all kinds of fun things, including making your very own patterns!  The full, updated tutorial is just below – hope you enjoy!

Well, it’s time for another tutorial!  And, because I can never get enough of my little cutie, I decided to make something else for the littles of the world.  I found this quick and easy tutorial from Make It & Love It for some great little leggings.  I loved my little leggings so much that I made some patterns to share, along with my own little adjusted instructions (since I don’t have a serger or a double needle).  What’s even better is that I have lots of fun knit fabrics from Girl Charlee to make my girl’s lil’ legs really stand out!  Now it’s your turn – find some fabric you love and make some leggings you’ll love even better!

What you’ll need:


– scrap fabric (something with some stretch to it, like a jersey knit)

– baby legging pattern

– paperclip or safety pin

– basic sewing supplies (scissors, pins, sewing machine, etc)



1.  Print out the pdf pattern from above.  Make sure you DO NOT SCALE TO FIT when you print!  This pattern includes sizes 6 months – 2TThe pattern will print on 4 pages.  Cut out the pattern pieces, then match up the stars on each piece and tape them together to make one pattern. Need a bigger size?  Check out the tutorial from Make It & Love It to see how to make your leggings from an existing pair!


2.  Fold your fabric piece over, right sides touching.  Trace and cut out through both layers of fabric, which means you’ll end up with 2 pieces.




3.  Next, we are going to make the bottom hem.  Fold and press about ¼”, then fold and press another ¼” of each piece.  Be sure to lay your fabric right-side down before you fold the hems up!  I was silly and pressed them the wrong way the first time:)


4.  Sew along the hemlines.  I used a small zig zag stitch on mine, and it worked out great!


5.  Next, put your pieces one on top of the other, right sides together.  Pin the sides from each curved point up to the top, like this:


6.  Sew or serge along the upper curves, about ¼” in.  Once again, I used just a little zig zag stitch.


7.  Now, fold fabric in half the other way – just grab the top piece in the middle and lay it flat to look like this:


8.  Pin and sew or serge ¼” all the way around the curve (but don’t sew your leg openings shut:).  Cut off the excess (optional).


9.  Almost done!  Now, for the waist.  Fold and press about ¼” down.  Then, fold and press another 1”.


10.  Sew ¼” around the waistband, but be sure to leave a small opening (to put your elastic through).


11.  Cut your elastic.  I used ¾” non-roll woven elastic.  Just match it up to your waistband, folded in half, plus about ½” – 1”.


12.  Now it’s time for that handy paperclip or safety pin!  Put it through one end of your elastic (see pic).  Then, guide it through your waistband!


13.  Once you’ve got the elastic in place, overlap the ends by about an inch and sew it together.


14.  With the elastic inside the waistband, just sew the little hole shut.  And, you’re all done – turn those babies right-side-out!


Now, put them on a cute baby and make a few more pairs!  You’ll now know the back from the front fairly easily, because the back rise will be higher when you lie the leggings flat.  Get creative – use different patterns, use two different fabrics, add little buttons – make them unique!  Your little one will look fabulous, and she’ll be the talk of the playroom.  I’d love to see how yours turn out!  If you want to know when we post more tutorials, be sure to subscribe and like us on Facebook!




Tooth Plushie and Cat Pants

Here at ToddAh we know there’s a lot of awesome stuff out there made by great people so I thought it might be fun to share the love and show some of the stuff we’ve come across and picked up recently. Both of these companies have names that are really fun to say!


I just got back from a company trip to Dallas Texas this weekend and while I was there I picked up a gift for our little one. It was a little plush tooth is made by Fuzzy Muffins, a company run by a graphic designer out of Dallas Texas. All of her creations are adorable, but this one was perfect since our little one is getting her first tooth. She LOVES this plushie. (We’ve named it Pearl.) To make it even better, the back of the plush tooth has a little pocket so that when a tooth falls out you can put it in there for the tooth fairy!


The second featured item is her new Doodle Pants. This is a great new company we came across through their sale on that makes really cute knit pants with fun designs on them. We bought two pairs. Here you see her rocking her new cat Doodle Pants with her Cat’s Pajamas onesie! She also has a pair with a porcupine on them. These are so much fun and the people that make these are really friendly too. Be sure to check them out and show them some love.




I’ve never considered myself much of a fashionista.  More than that, my wardrobe really hasn’t been much more than boring.  At 22, my job required me to dress professionally, which meant I wore a suit every day.  My wardrobe consisted of black, grey, and brown.  I was a bit afraid of color and pop, because I wanted to be taken seriously in my career, being so young.  Today, nearing 29, I’m on the path to change both my career and my wardrobe!

Being a new mom has changed my outlook on a few things in life.  One big change is how much color I see in the world, both literally and figuratively.  So, I want my wardrobe to reflect that.  Don’t be afraid of color – embrace it!  Check out these fun outfits with a little pop that I’m falling in love with, and join me on this journey to color! (P.S. Click the pics to take you to the source:)

VDay Outfit 1





January Free Wallpaper


Happy New Year!
Hopefully your holiday season was amazing. I’m really looking forward to what 2013 will bring both for ToddAh and personally. Last month I really enjoyed making the free wallpaper for the iPhone and so I’m planning to keep it going with a new wallpaper every month! We’ll call it my new year’s resolution.

Resolutions is also the theme of this January wallpaper. All resolutions could be summed up with 2 words: “Get Better” so that’s what I illustrated this time. There’s a great song by Scroobious Pip with the same title if you would like to hear my inspiration for the wallpaper. In addition to the 2 iPhone wallpapers I’ve also included an iPad wallpaper to use!

The background writing is a bunch of new year’s resolutions and I designed it so that it would leave plenty of room for all your apps to fill the screen. Enjoy!


iPhone  iPhone5  iPad