Nice To Meet You

At the beginning of 2012 Brandon and Tabitha decided to open out of their home in Kansas City, Mo. Our goal when opening the store was to “Make Joy Appear”. We want to be more than just an online shop. We keep that in mind with everything we do, from donating 20% of proceeds to charity, to creating designs for our products, and even when starting a blog to connect with, and give something back our visitors. We do this because the more people we impact and meet the more passionate we are about creating great products. We want people to seek joy in giving, just as much as in getting.

Brandon_Bio copyBrandon Todd: Owner/Designer

Brandon is a motion graphics designer and lives in Kansas City, Mo. He started out making silkscreen prints in his kitchen as a hobby. The designs were simple, lighthearted and a way to make some fun baby clothes for his new little girl because Tabitha and he got frustrated trying to find simple clean and fun girl designs that still got your baby noticed. Now he co-owns ToddAh with his wife and you will often see his daughter sporting some of his latest designs.



Tab_BiocopyTabitha Todd: Owner/Manager

After Tabitha quit her “corporate” job to get her masters for school counseling she opened an Etsy shop and started crafting to give herself a self sustaining hobby. She experimented with jewelry, purses, brooches and scarves. Shortly after that her simple, well-designed scarves really gained a lot of attention and she decided to focus most of her attention on them. Brandon and she decided to combine their skills and take the leap into business ownership. was born!



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