Wren’s Room

Wren is here and we finished her room just in time. Tabitha and I have been having a lot of fun putting together her room. Here’s a pretty complete list of all the elements we have right now. Vinyl Decals We actually bought these before Micah was born and thought we were going to put them […]

3 more toddler apps July 2014

As our daughter gets older I’ve noticed I let her play with our iPad more than we used to. I’m just fascinated by her development and love watching her learn and interact with the apps. I should emphasize that these apps don’t replace their real world counterparts in our house. We still read LOTS of […]

My Maternity Bombshell Swimsuit

Summer is here, and I’m growing like a pregnant lady!  Well, to be fair, I am a pregnant lady, which means suiting up for swim time is even more of a drag than usual.  Finding a cute maternity suit is quite a chore – finding an affordable one is nearly impossible!  I’ve never been one […]

3 Great Toddler Apps

Toddler apps are extremely popular but it can be overwhelming with all the options out there. And while all kids are different I thought I’d share a few of the new apps I recently purchased that have been a big hit with my daughter who is almost 2. Some people may try to avoid paying for apps […]

Unique Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for something unique and special, the world wide web is a great place to start!  Here are some of my fave finds and some great places to shop for all gift-giving occasions! 1. Dino Planter by The Plaid Pigeon (found at 2. iPhone 5 […]

Big Girl Office

So, in case you haven’t heard – I got a new job this fall!  After 3+ years in grad school and 2+ years without a full time job, I got my dream job as a high school counselor (and even before I graduated!). That being said, I also got a new office!  Naturally, I just […]

Fantastic Mr. Fox Nesting Doll

It was my birthday this month, which made it the perfect opportunity for me to feature an item. This year someone snuck into my Etsy account, searched through my likes and got me a gift I never thought I’d ever actually receive. It completely caught me by surprise and I can’t believe it is actually […]

Spring Inspired Products

I think Spring may have finally arrived here in the Midwest and it gets me in the mood for some bright and fun colors so here are a couple spring inspired products that get a lot of love from us. The first was a gift from my grandma it’s the strawberry hat from As […]

Tooth Plushie and Cat Pants

Here at ToddAh we know there’s a lot of awesome stuff out there made by great people so I thought it might be fun to share the love and show some of the stuff we’ve come across and picked up recently. Both of these companies have names that are really fun to say! I just […]

Holiday Music (Free)

Let’s continue the holiday theme with some sounds of Christmas. First, I want to promote They give out music collections for free from artists and just ask you to donate an amount of your choosing if you like what you hear. There are lots of holiday collections on their site now, but I’ve got […]