Big Girl Office


So, in case you haven’t heard – I got a new job this fall!  After 3+ years in grad school and 2+ years without a full time job, I got my dream job as a high school counselor (and even before I graduated!).

That being said, I also got a new office!  Naturally, I just had to fill it with fun and color immediately.  Take a look and see some of my favorite highlights and check out the source list to find some fun for your very own space!


1. Lion Head – inspired by Mahzer and Vee.  They are fun, colorful, and also super friendly.  Check out their etsy shop and facebook page to get something special of your very own!


2. Custom Chevron Sign – made by Holly’s Hobbies.  She is happy to make custom requests and gets it all done timely.  Check out her etsy shop to see what else she’s got up her sleeve!


3. Hand-thrown Vase – made by Owlet Pottery.  She makes all sorts of fun things from tea pocket mugs to earrings to vases.  Check out her etsy shop to see more!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little burst of color!  Be sure to like our facebook page and subscribe to our blog to keep up with more fun to come!


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