Little Leggings Tutorial with Free Pattern!

This post has been our most popular, and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback along the way.  A year and a half later, we have decided to UPDATE!  While the instructions largely remain the same, we’ve done a complete overhaul on the pattern, creating one with a rise in the back for more booty space:).  We also added 2 sizes – 18 month and 2T.

After hours upon hours over days and weeks, which included lots of frustration and mess-ups along the way, we finally came to a happy end result!  Let me tell you – it was difficult, time consuming, and fun all at once.  We are not pattern makers, and we now have SO MUCH appreciation for everyone out there who is!  With that said, we have no plans to make updates to this fun little tutorial in the future:).  We hope you like the changes and encourage you to try all kinds of fun things, including making your very own patterns!  The full, updated tutorial is just below – hope you enjoy!

Well, it’s time for another tutorial!  And, because I can never get enough of my little cutie, I decided to make something else for the littles of the world.  I found this quick and easy tutorial from Make It & Love It for some great little leggings.  I loved my little leggings so much that I made some patterns to share, along with my own little adjusted instructions (since I don’t have a serger or a double needle).  What’s even better is that I have lots of fun knit fabrics from Girl Charlee to make my girl’s lil’ legs really stand out!  Now it’s your turn – find some fabric you love and make some leggings you’ll love even better!

What you’ll need:


– scrap fabric (something with some stretch to it, like a jersey knit)

– baby legging pattern

– paperclip or safety pin

– basic sewing supplies (scissors, pins, sewing machine, etc)



1.  Print out the pdf pattern from above.  Make sure you DO NOT SCALE TO FIT when you print!  This pattern includes sizes 6 months – 2TThe pattern will print on 4 pages.  Cut out the pattern pieces, then match up the stars on each piece and tape them together to make one pattern. Need a bigger size?  Check out the tutorial from Make It & Love It to see how to make your leggings from an existing pair!


2.  Fold your fabric piece over, right sides touching.  Trace and cut out through both layers of fabric, which means you’ll end up with 2 pieces.




3.  Next, we are going to make the bottom hem.  Fold and press about ¼”, then fold and press another ¼” of each piece.  Be sure to lay your fabric right-side down before you fold the hems up!  I was silly and pressed them the wrong way the first time:)


4.  Sew along the hemlines.  I used a small zig zag stitch on mine, and it worked out great!


5.  Next, put your pieces one on top of the other, right sides together.  Pin the sides from each curved point up to the top, like this:


6.  Sew or serge along the upper curves, about ¼” in.  Once again, I used just a little zig zag stitch.


7.  Now, fold fabric in half the other way – just grab the top piece in the middle and lay it flat to look like this:


8.  Pin and sew or serge ¼” all the way around the curve (but don’t sew your leg openings shut:).  Cut off the excess (optional).


9.  Almost done!  Now, for the waist.  Fold and press about ¼” down.  Then, fold and press another 1”.


10.  Sew ¼” around the waistband, but be sure to leave a small opening (to put your elastic through).


11.  Cut your elastic.  I used ¾” non-roll woven elastic.  Just match it up to your waistband, folded in half, plus about ½” – 1”.


12.  Now it’s time for that handy paperclip or safety pin!  Put it through one end of your elastic (see pic).  Then, guide it through your waistband!


13.  Once you’ve got the elastic in place, overlap the ends by about an inch and sew it together.


14.  With the elastic inside the waistband, just sew the little hole shut.  And, you’re all done – turn those babies right-side-out!


Now, put them on a cute baby and make a few more pairs!  You’ll now know the back from the front fairly easily, because the back rise will be higher when you lie the leggings flat.  Get creative – use different patterns, use two different fabrics, add little buttons – make them unique!  Your little one will look fabulous, and she’ll be the talk of the playroom.  I’d love to see how yours turn out!  If you want to know when we post more tutorials, be sure to subscribe and like us on Facebook!


This post contains affiliate links, but only ones I use and endorse personally :).


176 Comments on “Little Leggings Tutorial with Free Pattern!

  1.  by  Ryan

    These are adorable, especially the reindeer ones. They make me wish I had a little girl to dress up.

  2.  by  Holly

    Great tutorial, and love the fabric you chose to use -a perfect print for winter! I can’t wait until I have a little girl (hopefully someday!) to make cute things for!

    •  by  BTodd

      Hey Marilyn. The pattern is there. Sorry if it’s a little tough to find though. if you click on the size you want in the item list (3 month, 6 month, 12 month) you should be able to download it. I’m make those bold so they are easier to find. 🙂

      •  by  Laura

        How much fabric do you think is needed with each size? I’m wondering how much fabric is needed for the 18-2t…

        •  by  Cheryl Ponce

          I used no more than 1/2 yard for the 2T pattern size. Most of the material was from used shirts of mine.

          •  by  TabTodd

            Thanks for letting us know, Cheryl! And what a great idea to use old T shirts!

      •  by  Michella

        Did you remove your pattern? I “liked” you on Facebook like the link said and it still wont bring up the pattern.

        •  by  TabTodd

          Nope, not removed. Maybe try our Facebook page directly:
          We’ve added a link to the patterns on our wall – pinned at the top!

  3.  by  kristin

    Wow! This is such an easy tutorial!!!!! I can’t wait to try this tonight.

  4.  by  allison


    Love this pattern!!! was wondering if you had one for 18 month and beyond?


    •  by  BTodd

      Thanks for the Love Allison. Currently we don’t have any more patterns made but we will work on an 18 month one. Not sure when we will have it online, but we will definitely post on our Facebook page when it’s online!

  5.  by  jeni

    exactly what i needed for all this left over velveteen! perfect.

  6.  by  Lorena

    This is an awesome tutorial!! Do you have any bigger size patterns like 18m 24m?

  7.  by  Lauren @ T&G

    Love this! I think when I do it I might make the hem wider and use two rows of a stretch stitch. Great fabrics, too!!

  8.  by  Arielle

    I just made these today. I am a novice and I found your tutorial very helpful

    •  by  BTodd

      That’s awesome Arielle. So glad it was helpful. Making tutorials for any skill level was our goal so you just made our day. THANKS!

  9.  by  Kristen

    Hey I know you posted this a while ago now but I love that reindeer fabric! Can you share where you got it from? I have been searching for cute Christmas fabric!! Thanks!

  10.  by  Maria

    Thank you so much for your crystal clear instructions and pictures. Good job!!!!!

  11.  by  kelsey

    Where do you find your fabric at? im starting to make my daughters leggings and I cant seem to find that great of fabric at our local fabric store 🙁

  12.  by  daylie

    Love your site! I was wondering if you had any larger sized patterns available yet? I’m looking specifically for 18m and 24m! Thanks so much! xo

    •  by  BTodd

      Hey Daylie,
      Yes we have been meaning to get a couple updated patterns on the site but haven’t got around to it yet. We are definitely going to make it one of our New Year’s Resolutions. We will be sure to announce it on our Facebook page once it’s updated. Thanks for the love!

  13.  by  Brianna

    Can you do a tutorial on how to line up prints on the leggings? Across the butt? I have googled and googled some more for an example and haven’t seen anything!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Brianna! That’s a good idea – we’ll see if we can make time for that. In the mean-time, one quick trick is to make sure the pattern is lined up when you fold the fabric over. Then, instead of using a different spot on the fabric, fold it over again where you cut, so that you’re not starting in a new pattern spot. Does that make sense?

  14.  by  LisaL

    Thank you, thank you!! I’ve been sewing with one of my daughters, getting ready for her soon-to-be-born son and have had a terrible time finding a pattern as well as fabric. We’re so happy to find your site and really look forward to using the patterns very soon!! And thanks for the lead on fabrics, too

  15.  by  Mary Catharine White

    I just made the 6-12 month size leggings and I used a knit fabric! I followed your instructions to the letter but unfortunately this size is not going to be big enough for a not yet 6 month old baby! The waist seems so small! The length is great though!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hmmm… Well, that’s too bad:(. Perhaps my lil’ babe was small around the waist when we made these patterns. The good news is that we’ll be updating them this summer, so be on the lookout! Thanks for the feedback!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Aww, love, love, love these! And those riding breeches are TO DIE FOR! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  16.  by  Lea

    Are these leggings a wide fit on the leg? Is there a way that you can email me pictures of the leggings on a baby so I can see if they are the fit that I am looking for?
    Thanks in advance!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Lea! No, they shouldn’t be a wide fit in the leg when they’re complete. When we update the patterns, I’ll be sure to add updated pics of my daughter in some new ones:) She was too little to stand up for these pics when we made them originally:).

  17.  by  Rebecca

    I love how easy this pattern is but I agree with above comments that the waist is way too small but length is great! I will try the next size pattern up and see if that works. thanks for this great tutorial though.

    •  by  TabTodd

      Thanks for the feedback! We will look into updating the patterns… And also looking into adding larger sizes now that our own little one is closing in on 2 years! 🙂

  18.  by  Rylin

    If I were to order fabric to make these for 3-6 month size… How many yards should I order? Would 1/4 yard be enough?

  19.  by  Amber

    I just made my first pair. They didn’t cover enough of my boys diaper booty! So I switched the elastic for a 1/2″ hoping that helps!
    Questions: do you personally use an elastic thread?
    And any advice on making more booty space? 🙂

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Amber! Sorry to hear that! We are planning to re-work our patterns this summer, so be sure to check back around July for a better fitting pattern:) I don’t use elastic thread, but that’s worth a try – let me know how it works out if you try it. One way to make more booty space might be to add an inch or so in the width when you’re cutting out your pattern, then also adding an inch in the length of the elastic. It might also be good to have the back piece go up a bit higher… That will be part of what I am going to try and work into the new patterns this summer. Hope this helps:)

  20.  by  Char Smith

    Hi! Thanks for the pattern! I see the 6 month but I am not seeing the 3month?? Thank You

  21.  by  Tamsin

    Thanks for a great pattern. It fits my super skinny daughter much better than either of the two commercial patterns I’ve tried. Finally something she won’t be able to crawl right out of!

    •  by  BTodd

      Ha! So glad it fit on your daughter. Just doing our part to keep pants on babies 🙂

  22.  by  Stephanie

    How many yards of fabric would you say you would need for this project? I am sorry if it’s already written somewhere. I can’t seem to find it.

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi there! Just half a yard, really. It doesn’t take a lot:)

  23.  by  Therese

    Great pattern and tutorial! I just made a pair for my niece. I was wondering if you can provide some tips on how to add cuffs?

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi there! Great question – I’ve never added cuffs before, but what I might suggest to try would be to cut about a 4″ wide piece of fabric the length of the leg opening, then sew the ends together. Then, fold it in half and tuck the legging bottom through it with the unsewn edges at the bottom on the legging. Sew (or serge) around to connect the cuff to the legging, then pull down the cuff! I’d love to hear if you end up giving it a try! Best of luck:)

  24.  by  Marie

    Love it. Making these for my baby sister. I’m 14 and have had a sewing machine since I was 9.

    •  by  TabTodd

      That is so sweet – your sister is pretty lucky!! Thanks for stopping by:)

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi there! Yes, there is a downloadable pattern – you just have to like us on Facebook, then it will become available:)

  25.  by  olga

    After liking you on Facebook, I still dont see the pattern.

  26.  by  Chris

    Hello, I have “liked” your page on FB but still not able to download your lovely pattern for baby leggings. Am I doing something wrong?

    •  by  BTodd

      Hey Chris, for some reason it doesn’t work when you try to access it from a phone. I’ll send a link to your email address.

      •  by  waheeda

        I have liked the page on facebook but unable to find the link to download

  27.  by  Sara

    Thank you for the tutorial! Can’t wait to try these. Was wondering where you bought the reindeer Christmis fabric. ..? 🙂

  28.  by  Shireen Ash

    Am not able to see any pattern link to download. Please assist. Thanks!

  29.  by  Candice

    So…. what do you do to get the pattern if you don’t have a FB account?

  30.  by  Mallory Love

    I am trying to get the free baby leggings pattern but cant get to Thanks 🙂

  31.  by  Amy

    I also do not have a facebook account. Could you please email it to me? I’d be happy to follow if you have an Instagram.

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Amy! Just emailed the pattern link your way:) And sure, you can follow us on instagram @toddah!

  32.  by  Jean

    Could you email the pattern please? Super cute. I couldn’t access it. Thanks!

  33.  by  Amanda

    How much fabric do you need to make these leggings? Would 1 yard be enough to make them in a 2T size?

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Amanda! Yes, one yard is plenty. You could likely even get away with just half a yard:).

  34.  by  Sheila Robson

    Thank you for your very clear instructions. Just one thought though that would be helpful in future. If you put a one inch square, or say, 5 cm square, on your pattern, then people can measure and check if it has printed out correctly (and make adjustments if not. I have printed it both as a pdf so I can keep it, and on my laser printer, both as ‘actual size’, and they don’t look quite the same. The standard paper we use in the UK and Europe is A4, and I don’t think that is the same size and the standard paper in North America.
    Would you be able to measure exactly what one of the straight line measurements should be? For example the line at the bottom of the leg (the whole thing across both pages)? You’d only need to do it for one size.
    Thank you again.

  35.  by  Monique

    Thank you so very much! Cant wait to start making these for my little girl!

  36.  by  Cait

    Hi! Thanks for the tutorial. How much fabric is needed for the 18 month size?

  37.  by  Wendy ward

    I just finished the six month old size. My little guy is small for his age in both height and weight. He’s five months. They were too small to fit over his thighs. What could I be doing wrong? I printed out the pattern on four pages and followed the instructions so correctly. 🙁 I’d really love to make another pair but I’m afraid that they’ll turn out too small again.

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Wendy! Sorry to hear that – just replied to your message on Facebook, so hopefully that will be helpful:)

  38.  by  Ruthann Moore

    I couldn’t access the pattern. Will you email it to me, please? Thanks so much! Can’t wait to sew these.

  39.  by  Mary

    Could you send me the pattern via email, please? FB messed with me and can’t get it. Sorry!

  40.  by  Jane

    Hi! I know this is an older post but I have a question re knits. I see you used a cotton jersey knit blend for one of your leggings. I keep reading that jersey knits that are lower weight (6-8 ounces) tend to be too thin and see through for leggings? Have you found that to be the case? Am I better off using an interlock or cotton/Lycra knit? Thanks! Great tutorial and pattern

  41.  by  Ruth myers

    Hey! I liked you on fb, but can’t find the pattern anywhere. Can you email it to me? I hate to ask you to do that, but i really want to make some of these! Or can you tell me what i’m doing wrong? I click on the little blue “facebook” button and it “opens”, but that’s all that happens. :-/ thank you SO much for these, i’m so excited to finally find a good tutorial for them!!

  42.  by  Lovisa

    What a beautiful pair of leggings, could you possibly email me the pattern så I can make a pair for my friends child?:)

  43.  by  Beka Wilson

    Hey! Liked you on facebook but pattern still doesn’t show up. Can you email it to me? Thank you in advance!

  44.  by  Jordan

    Could you please send me this pattern? I cannot access the pattern. Thanks!

  45.  by  Jordan

    I don’t have facebook, could you email me a copy of the leggings? Thanks so much!!

  46.  by  Natalie

    Hi, I cannot access the pattern, could you please email it to me? Thanks very much for the lovely tutorial! Take care.

  47.  by  Leah

    I’ve liked you on fb and don’t see the link. Please e mail it to me. Thank you 🙂 I can’t wait to try!

  48.  by  Heather

    Would love the pattern but do not have facebook. Would it be possible for you to email it to me? Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks!

  49.  by  Marie

    I would like your page, but I don’t have a facebook account, would I still be able to get this pattern? Would you be able to email it to me? Thank you.

  50.  by  Kathy

    Great instructions. I’m not on fb. Is there any way you could email me the pattern? Would love to make some for my new grandson with a matching hat! Will follow you on instagram! Your family is adorable.
    Thank you so much.

  51.  by  Alice Collins

    I clicked on the Like button for facebook but I am not seeing the pdf, would you be so kind to email it to me and thank you for the tutorial!

  52.  by  Ashlee

    I can’t find your patterned and have liked you on Facebook…. Is it possible to have it emailed to me??? You guys are awesome… This is one of the only patterns I can find with extra space in the bum!!!!

  53.  by  Ashlee

    Ha ha never mind. I just found the link from your Facebook page and was able to access it!!! THANK YOU!!!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Oh, good! We decided to add them there since people were having trouble accessing from the website:)

  54.  by

    This is exactly what I was looking for! You are awesome and I can’t imagine the work you went through to get this pattern together. Major props! I live in Florida so I plan on making leggings and shorts from this pattern. I’ll post to Instagram with the results! Thanks again!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Thanks, Laurie! Hope you enjoy it and they turn out great!

  55.  by  Patty S.

    I also clicked on your Facebook “Like” button, but do not see a link to download the pattern. Can you please let us know where to go, to download your pattern? Thank you very much!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Patty,
      If you’re having trouble accessing through the website after liking our Facebook page, you can also access the pattern links directly on our Facebook page! There is a pinned post at the top of the page and you can find the links there:)

  56.  by  Barb

    I liked but don’t see the pattern pdf. Can you email it to me please
    Thanks in advance

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Barb,
      If you’re having trouble accessing through the website after liking our Facebook page, you can also access the pattern links directly on our Facebook page! There is a pinned post at the top of the page and you can find the links there:)

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Diana,
      You can actually access the pattern links directly on our Facebook page! There is a pinned post at the top of the page and you can find the links there:)

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Michele,

      The pattern should become available after you like the Facebook page, but if you’re having trouble, you can actually access the pattern links directly on our Facebook page! There is a pinned post at the top of the page and you can find the links there:)

  57.  by  laura eyhorn

    Would you mind emailing me the pattern too. Same problem as above ^. Thanks! Love this tutorial!!!!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Laura,
      You can actually access the pattern links directly on our Facebook page! There is a pinned post at the top of the page and you can find the links there:)

      •  by  laura eyhorn

        Thank you so much. I did like your fb page but did not notice that. Thanks again!!!!!

  58.  by  Casey

    I made a few of these with old shirts that were too big. if you line up the bottom of the pattern an inch below the bottom hem of the shirt before you cut, you don’t have to hem the ankles and you save a step!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Awesome tip, thanks Casey! I will have to give that a try!

  59.  by  petro

    I have followed all the steps you require but do not seem to get to the stage to print the pattern??? how do I do that

    •  by  TabTodd

      If you’re having trouble accessing through the website after liking our Facebook page, you can also access the pattern links directly on our Facebook page! There is a pinned post at the top of the page and you can find the links there:)

    •  by  TabTodd

      If you’re having trouble accessing through the website after liking our Facebook page, you can also access the pattern links directly on our Facebook page! There is a pinned post at the top of the page and you can find the links there:)

  60.  by  Jill Haldenby-Cooper

    Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for. Now just to get my overlocker dusted down and I an make a pile for my delicious granddaughter!

  61.  by  prsd4tim2

    Thank you for the free pattern. I especially love that it is scaled in so many sizes. Most of the free patterns I found were just for “baby”, but there is a vast difference in sizing between newborns and 18-month olds. Thanks for taking the time to put this together and share with everyone. Can’t wait to get started.

    •  by  TabTodd

      Thanks so much for saying so! We made a few sizes because we felt the same way – ha! Now our girls are bigger, and we’re tempted to add another size or two, but then we remember the process we went through to just get the few sizes we did and change our minds – ha!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Man, wish we lived nearby – ha! If we’re ever in the area, we’ll be sure to stop by! So glad you love it!

  62.  by  Felecia Jacks

    Personally, I use to love this pattern, but I don’t know if you all have changed the extension of the pattern but it has made it impossible to print. The settings you guys have for the pattern does not allow for regular printing. It does not allow me to hit the scaling off button to use the pattern so it prints VERY small. Very disappointing as I use to LOVE this pattern.

    •  by  TabTodd

      Thanks! Sorry to hear that – can you let us know if you still have an issue? Should be working now 🙂

  63.  by  Jennifer P

    I was hoping to download the pdf but as soon as I liked you on facebook the link disappeared. Thanks.

    •  by  TabTodd

      Oh no! Can you let us know if you can access it now? Should be working now 🙂

  64.  by  Catherine Riedo

    Hi, I try to “like” the button, but I don’t succeed. The button kind of opens and there is nothing to like any more. Can you help me? I’ve got grandchildren and I love to sew.

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Catherine! Sorry about that! You can also access it directly from our facebook page. We’ve pinned the pattern links on our wall at the top!

  65.  by  Lisa

    I am not a FB user. I looked and can’t find the pattern. Is there another way to get it? Email perhaps?
    Thank you for your time.

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Lisa! Sure, you can actually access it directly from our FB page, even if you don’t have an account. It’s pinned to our wall as the first post 🙂

  66.  by  Lindsay

    I don’t have FB but i would like this patten! Can you help me?

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Lindsay – you can still access it on our Facebook page, even if you don’t have an account:). It’s pinned as the first post on our Facebook page!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Ana! It’s not straight so that it rises in the back (more room in the back for the baby bottom :).

      •  by  Lynda dean

        I used several sheets of paper tried several time it printed but did not print pattern just e mails what can be wrong , I really want that pattern, help please.

        •  by  TabTodd

          Hi Lynda! When you print, make sure you DO NOT scale. Sometimes, you have to check or uncheck a box to ensure scaling doesn’t happen. Make sure you download the pdf itself, as well. The links to the pdf document can be found on the pinned post on our Facebook wall ( Hope that helps!

  67.  by  LaKesha

    I would love this pattern but I do not have any social media accounts. What do I have to do to get the pattern?

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi LaKesha! Even if you don’t have Facebook, you can go to our Facebook page ( and find the patterns in our pinned post!

  68.  by  lyliana

    ya me voy a ponerme hacer pantalones para mi bebe hay unas telas espectaculares que vi ….. hoy mismo voy a comprarla y hoy mismo voy hacerlo ……….. gracias por el patrón

  69.  by  Jennifer

    Hi, I would love this pattern but I dont have a FB accoumt. Is there another way I can get it. Thanks

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Jennifer,

      Even if you don’t have Facebook, you can look us up on Facebook – the link is pinned as a post on our wall 🙂

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Diane,

      You can also find them on our Facebook page – just check the pinned post on our wall!

  70.  by  Laura

    Hello, just wanted to say this is a fab pattern and clear instructions, leggings came out perfectly first time. Definitely going to be making a few more for Summer! 🙂 Thank you.

  71.  by  Claudia

    How do I print the pattern? I liked the Facebook page but can not find the link to print pattern that was not an Advertisement. Thanks!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Claudia! You can find a direct link to our patterns through the pinned post on our Facebook page if you’re having trouble accessing them here 🙂

  72.  by  Sue Harkins

    I can’t find the link to download the pattern. I have liked the facebook page, but nothing seemed to happen. I would love to make these. They are adorable.

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi Sue! You can find a direct link to our patterns through the pinned post on our Facebook page if you’re having trouble accessing them here 🙂

  73.  by  Sally

    Thanks for the legging pattern in multiple sizes. My grand baby is growing fast but is a little short. Now I can customize her pants. Thanks, Sally

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