Tooth Plushie and Cat Pants

Here at ToddAh we know there’s a lot of awesome stuff out there made by great people so I thought it might be fun to share the love and show some of the stuff we’ve come across and picked up recently. Both of these companies have names that are really fun to say!


I just got back from a company trip to Dallas Texas this weekend and while I was there I picked up a gift for our little one. It was a little plush tooth is made by Fuzzy Muffins, a company run by a graphic designer out of Dallas Texas. All of her creations are adorable, but this one was perfect since our little one is getting her first tooth. She LOVES this plushie. (We’ve named it Pearl.) To make it even better, the back of the plush tooth has a little pocket so that when a tooth falls out you can put it in there for the tooth fairy!


The second featured item is her new Doodle Pants. This is a great new company we came across through their sale on that makes really cute knit pants with fun designs on them. We bought two pairs. Here you see her rocking her new cat Doodle Pants with her Cat’s Pajamas onesie! She also has a pair with a porcupine on them. These are so much fun and the people that make these are really friendly too. Be sure to check them out and show them some love.


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