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Well, you may have heard the news – we are expecting again!  This means a lot of things, but most importantly that I’ll probably be posting a lot of baby DIYs and fun baby finds in the next few months.  This one, though, is for the mamas out there!  I nursed our first child for six months, and I’m hoping to nurse this baby longer.  One of the hardest parts of early nursing for me was comfort and modesty.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m all about nursing in public and applaud the strong women of the world who feel comfortable nursing in public without a cover.  I’m just not one of those women – I’m a tad more…  shy:).  And, when you’re a tad shy, like me, regular nursing covers don’t exactly make you feel comfortable, either.  I was always worried I was flashing some side boob to my still in college at the time brother in law or perhaps my husband’s lovable but over-the-top uncle at family functions.  Then, I stumbled across this tutorial from Heather over at her blog Coterie, and I found the perfect match for my nursing needs!  This nursing shawl was quick, easy, and multi-functional – I used it as a nursing cover, shawl, and a scarf!  Now that I’m prepping for another round of nursing, I need to make more!

What you’ll need:
1 yard of knit fabric (Check out Girl Charlee for lots of fun options!)
Basic sewing supplies (sewing machine, measuring tape, pins, etc)



1. Take your fabric and fold it in half, width-wise.  Basically, it should be around 30″ when it’s folded over.  Lay the folded edge facing you (this will help you later, when I’m referring to the right or left sides of the fabric).


2.  Align your fabric on each side, to make sure edges are even.  The Coterie tutorial suggests pinning all the way down the left side, so that the fabric won’t move when you make a cut.  I’m a little on the lazy side, so I didn’t pin my fabric, but I DO think it’s a fabulous idea if you’re up for it:).

3.  Measure 25″ along the folded edge facing you, mark, then measure the same 25″ along the opposite edge furthest away from you and mark.  Then, cut straight up from one mark to the other.


4.  Measure along the right side of the fabric, starting from the folded edge nearest you, moving up about 13″.  Stick a pin there!  This hole will be the neck opening, so you won’t want to sew that part up.


5.  From that pin, continue to pin upwards, all the way to the top part of that right side.


6.  Sew or serge the section you just pinned (and ONLY that section), leaving the gap open.


7.  Take out all those pins, turn it right side out, and try out your new nursing shawl!  I left all the raw edges, but you could serge or hem the edges if you want a cleaner look.  Now, make more!



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  1.  by  Martha Shafer

    Thanks for the tutorial for the Nursing Cover. My granddaughter is expecting her first child and plans on nursing her baby. I made nursing covers for her sister, however this seems to a better design and covers the Mother better. I am sure my granddaughter will appreciate your pattern.

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