Making Joy Appear

We are excited to share another joyful update with you on what your tweets, likes, shares, pins, and purchases are doing to make joy appear, all around the world! World Concern just updated us with this post, telling the story of a beautiful woman named Bithi.  From the slums of Bangladesh, Bithi birthed a daughter […]

Make-Up for Lost Time!

Makeup has always fascinated me.  I am amazed at the transformation it can bring.  I, however, have never really been very good at applying it!  I never really “learned” how to use makeup growing up – it simply wasn’t a priority in my household of 5 kids, living in the poor, hot south. Now that […]

Photoshoot Time!

We have a sale tomorrow on Zulily and they asked us if we could send them some pictures to possibly use for the main image of the sale so we asked a friend to come over with her adorable kids at the last minute to be models for us and they graciously accepted. Here are […]

Baby Birthday!

As you may have heard, our little one turned a whole year old!  Naturally, we threw a themed party for her, and it was a big success! We decided on a nautical theme, because it’s just too cute not to.  Pinterest was a great source to find ideas and pictures of all sorts of fun […]

Life Reflections From a 1 Year Old

It’s no secret that we have a daughter. You’ve seen her pop up a few times on this blog and while I try not to make every blog post one that makes me seem like an obsessed father it is sometimes difficult. When I do make a post about her I try and make sure […]

Thrift Scores

The weather is FINALLY getting warmer, and that means dresses will be in heavy rotation around here.  I love me some summer dresses, and this little gem has been waiting for a long time for me to make it into one! I found this pretty little coral number at my local thrift store a while […]

Thrift Scores

Back in my college days, I was quite the thrift store explorer.  I would score such great pieces and make them a fun, unique part of my every day wear.  One of my favorite things to wear was a super fun rainbow button down shirt with a huge butterfly collar, straight from the 70s, I’m […]

ToddAh Designed scarves

As I mentioned before we have started printing some of our own personal designs for scarves. All of which are now in our shop! That means anything we dream up can be printed on our new scarves from flowers to felines! Designing for patterns is new to me and I learned a lot from the […]

Making Joy Appear

As a company, and as people, we want to make joy appear. We strive to make this happen in our personal lives, in our business, and around the world. Partnering with World Concern has helped make this possible for us. We wanted to take a moment and share a bit of this joy with you, […]

First Kids Photo Shoot

I’ve heard that the two most difficult types of photo-shoots are the ones that involve children and animals. But since we just put a bunch of new Toddler Ts on the website we decided to take a stab at a kid photo-shoot anyway. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun and our […]