Mommy and Me Giveaway!

Alright – time for another giveaway!  This time, we’re giving away a Mommy and Me scarf set for you and your little!

It’s easy – just scroll below and see all the ways to enter to win!  Winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Mommy Scarf is a 65″ loop, 20″ wide, and made from a soft viscose with an aztec owl print.  Mini Scarf is approximately half the size, with no wrapping required.  Fits toddlers and kiddos of all sizes!

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7 Comments on “Mommy and Me Giveaway!

  1.  by  K Lew

    I am thankful…
    That JT Lake’s “cry me a river” comes on the radio while my little one cries in the backseat.
    For pacifiers.
    For muslin blankets.
    My perfect baby boy.
    And my husband.

  2.  by  Alison

    The fact that I work part time so I can spend half the week with the babe and dog.

  3.  by  tangula

    I am thankful for being able to wake up every morning and looking at my children. Giving thanks to the universe, for my beautiful family.

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