DIY Tie Flower Brooch

Remember when it was cool for your guy to wear ugly ties, and every Christmas and birthday came with another to add to the collection? Well, if this is you, and all those ties are stuffed away in your garage or closet waiting for that yard sale you may or may not have when good weather comes around, this tutorial is just the thing you need! It is super easy to re-purpose those old ties into something super cute that you’ll love and can wear all different ways! Here, I’ll show you how to make a brooch, but you could use these little flowers on headbands, necklaces, or even make a little shoe clip! Get creative and make something fun:)

Here’s what you need:


An old tie
Hot glue gun/glue sticks
Felt (or some thicker fabric you might have lying around)
Brooch clips

1. Fold your tie in half, matching up the pointed tie ends, and cut it in half. I like to use the skinny end, because the little “leaf” at the end is skinny, but you could use the fat end for a bolder look:). Then, roll the cut end in a little bit, hot gluing as you go (this will make the center of your rosette).


2. Once you’ve got a nice center, you will begin the folding/turning process to make the petals. I like to fold mine pretty tight, but you could fold it looser for a bigger brooch. Continue to fold and turn, hot gluing about every 3rd fold. When using the glue, make sure to glue where the fold will be, fold, then glue where the bottom of the petal will land and press. This keeps the glue hidden from sight – you don’t want a bunch of hot glue sticking out everywhere!


3. When you get near the end, turn the flower over and put glue all over the back. Then, glue down the end so a little bit of that tail is sticking out (or you could cut that part off if you’d prefer it without a tail:).


4. Cut out 2 pieces of felt – one circle that will fit the back of your flower, and then one small square that will fit between your brooch pin.


5. Hot glue the circle felt to the back of your flower.


6. Hot glue the brooch pin to the back (on the felt). Tip on this – glue it near the top of the flower – this will help the brooch lay better when it’s on!



7. Hot glue your little piece of square felt between the brooch pin to hold it on.


Put it on and wear it proud, then make more!


And, that’s it! Simple enough, right? I’d love to see what you create and how you wear your new, re-purposed ties! Be sure to like us on facebook and subscribe to our blog to keep up with new tutorials:)


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