Wren’s Room

Wren is here and we finished her room just in time. Tabitha and I have been having a lot of fun putting together her room. Here’s a pretty complete list of all the elements we have right now.

Vinyl Decals

We actually bought these before Micah was born and thought we were going to put them up in her room but in the end there really wasn’t a place for it so we held off. Then we realized the room right next door would be perfect for the decals. Just search for “birch decals” on and you’ll get a bunch of results


Personal Screen Print

I wanted to make a special print for Wren. I loved the idea of using an acorn to show all the potential they have. We just happened to have this sliced tree trunk and thought it would be perfect to print on. I’m really happy with how it turned out!


Art Print by Teagan White we got this from Society 6:

Cloud Mobile

This was a gift from some great friends of ours. I know it was done by a local artist but have had a hard time finding them online. If I ever find it I will be sure to update the post with their info.

Honeycomb Wall

Custom HoneyComb Shelves by Haase Handcraft. We were able to pick the stain and have it match our futon perfectly and pick the inside paint color for these.

Honeycomb 1

Squirrel Statue by Mahzer and Vee: Our friends at Mahzer and Vee sent this to us as a gift for Wren and we LOVE it. We also have a moose head from them in our basement. If you are ever looking to add some fun to a room just get something from their shop on etsy:

The wood statue is by noferin. I’ve had this for a while and thought it’d look great in Wren’s room.

Honeycomb 3

The yellow cat we bought from a Local Kansas City company called Lets Be Friends

The Owl was a gift from another good friend and is from DuLuLuHoneycomb 2


The doll was a gift from my mom and is by Be Mary By Hand who we met at a craft show and are super nice.

And the bird whistle we got from an antique shop.

Orla Kiely Colors Book


Finally we had this quilt made for Wren as an early christmas present. It also features some fabric with Teagan White’s Illustrations. We knew someone locally who made amazing quilts so we asked her to put it together for us and it turned out amazing check her out at

That was a lot. I meant to break this up into two posts but I was worried I’d forget and leave something out. Anyway, hope you liked it and that it gives you some inspiration for your own rooms. Be sure to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss out on the latest from ToddAh!


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  1.  by  christine

    SO many special elements in here!! LOVE it all! The decals are perfect, the color, the shelving, AND love that tree slice!! You guys are incredible!! Happy Baby Time!

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