My Maternity Bombshell Swimsuit

Summer is here, and I’m growing like a pregnant lady!  Well, to be fair, I am a pregnant lady, which means suiting up for swim time is even more of a drag than usual.  Finding a cute maternity suit is quite a chore – finding an affordable one is nearly impossible!  I’ve never been one to spend oodles of money on clothing, so dropping $100+ on a swimsuit I will wear for a couple of months really doesn’t appeal to my inner frugality.

Enter the Bombshell Swimsuit Pattern by Closet Case Files, and problem solved!  Mind you, this is not a maternity pattern, but with the ability to grade out the size for the babe in the belly, I figured I could make it work.  Why?  I’m not really sure.  Especially considering I’ve never made a swim suit, never worked with lycra, and consider myself an amateur seamstress…  But, after reading lots of great blogs of women in the same boat who were successful, I thought I would give it a try!  Aaaaaaannnnd VOILA!



I DID IT!  I can hardly believe it.  I will say I didn’t quite grade out the first one enough to fit my growing belly, so I made another one:).  I am saving the first one for post-baby, though, because I honestly just love how they turned out!  And the best part?  Total cost per swimsuit was around $20!  Girl Charlee (which if you keep up with my blog much, you’ve realized that’s my go-to fabric supplier for everything!) is now selling swimsuit fabric, which made this project much more fun!  Not only that, they also sell the Bombshell Pattern, so you can kill two birds with one stone.  Remaining supplies (stretch needles, swimsuit elastic, swimsuit lining, etc) I found at my local Joann’s.  There are a few different options for the suit and so far, I’ve made only View A.  I plan to make View B of the suit soon and will keep you updated!  I followed Closet Case Files’s Bombshell Sewalong, which was a lifesaver and really took me step-by-step.  Mine didn’t turn out quite perfectly, but I’m happy with the end result!  I know my next one will be even better!  Trust me – if I can do it, you can do it!

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2 Comments on “My Maternity Bombshell Swimsuit

  1.  by  Amy

    Can you tell me how you graded the pattern to work over a growing belly? I’ve seen a few examples with shirts, just wasn’t sure the best way to approach the alterations with a one piece swimsuit.

    •  by  TabTodd

      Hi! Well, I purchased a pattern, so all of the sizes were there on the single pattern when I printed and put it together. So, when tracing on parchment paper to make my size pattern, I traced the size 8 on top and size 14 on the bottom and just connected the lines by drawing my lines out slowly. Not sure how to do this without a pattern, though, sorry:(

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