Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts can be a real hassle. You spend  several hours making something, and then halfway through you think to yourself, “Is this all really worth it when I could far more easily pick up a gift card?”  At least, that’s how I felt this year as I worked on a pillow design for my sister’s baby room. She’s having a baby boy named Miles, due in april, and he’s getting an airplane themed room.

miles-1-01I loved making the pattern (shown above) but the real trouble started when it came time to print. The ink wasn’t taking to the fabric quite as well as I hoped. Some areas were completely filled in while others were a bit faded. At this point I was ready to throw out the project altogether and resort to a gift card, but thankfully my sister-in-law came by, just in time, to restore my hope. She thought they turned out great and told me they had a nice weathered look to them.  That was all I needed to hear to keep going. I finished sewing up the pillows and gave them to my sister on Christmas Eve.

pillows...She loved the pillows, and later that night sent me a photo of them setting in her crib. Knowing that one day soon, baby Miles would be curled up to those weathered airplane pillows, made all the hassle worth it.

Merry Christmas.



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