Fantastic Mr. Fox Nesting Doll

It was my birthday this month, which made it the perfect opportunity for me to feature an item. This year someone snuck into my Etsy account, searched through my likes and got me a gift I never thought I’d ever actually receive. It completely caught me by surprise and I can’t believe it is actually sitting in my house right now. I’m so excited to share it with you.


It’s a hand painted nesting doll featuring the characters from Wes Anderson’s film The Fantastic Mr. Fox made by Irene Hwang. I should mention that I’m a HUGE fan of Wes Anderson, kid’s book illustrations, and designer toys so this was pretty much the perfect combination of all of them. Please go check out her store (Bo Bo BaBushka) on Etsy and show her some love. Every single thing in her store will make you smile. The only word to describe the detail and love put into these pieces is “Fantastic”! Even though I just turned 29 I don’t think I’ll ever out grow this toy.FantasticFox1


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