DIY Summer Max Costume

Summer is upon us, which also means Micah turned 2!  This year, we went with a Where the Wild Things Are theme for her birthday party, because she loves that book so much she’s worn out the pages!  She goes through the book and claims herself as Max, and she always asks us to read it “again” or “just one” more time.  Why wouldn’t she – it’s a great book!

I wanted her to dress as Max for this fun occasion, but all the Max costumes are a bit warm for June.  So, I decided to make my own little version of a simple Summer Max, which turned out quite adorable.  The best part – it was easy!  I bought a little white romper onesie and sewed a few big buttons on the front.  Then I made a tail out of some faux fur, stuffed with a little polyfil and just sewed it directly to the back of the onesie.  I used some leftover fur and a bit of white felt to make-shift some ears and a little gold felt to make a crown.  I hot-glued those to a stretchy headband, and voila!  The hardest part was convincing Micah to put the headband on…  Nothing a little cookie bribe couldn’t fix:).

Micah 3 Micah 4 Micah 5 Micah 2 Micah 1


The party was a big hit, and I’ll have more crafty things to share related to the fun very soon!  Be sure to subscribe to our blog and like us on facebook so you don’t miss it!


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