DIY Reversible Bandana Bib

Hey guys!  Well, it’s always a lot longer between tutorials than I’d like, but hey, ’tis the life of a lazy working mama:).

Today, I want to share a super simple, but oh-so-adorable bandana bib with you.  And, it’s reversible, which means it’s pretty much necessary for anyone who might be in the habit of getting food, drool, spitup, or other gross things on the cute things you put on them:).

What you’ll need:


  • 2 pieces of scrap fabric (lighter fabrics will work best as far as the fit goes, but you can pretty much use anything).  You just need enough to make a 12″X12″ square of each.
  • 2 small piece of heavy felt, cardboard, or thick fabric (this is for reinforcement to keep the snaps on well)
  • Snapsetter and snaps (I use KAM pliers and snaps) OR you could use velcro in place of snaps
  • Basic sewing supplies (scissors, sewing machine, measuring tape, etc)

Step 1:
Measure and cut a 12″X12″ square from each bib fabric.  Also measure and cut two small rectangle strips from your felt (or cardboard, etc).


Step 2:
Lay the two squares on top of each other with right sides of fabric facing together and place your small felt rectangles at two opposite corners (approximately 1″ in from the corners).  It’s okay if the felt hangs over – we’ll cut the excess later:).  Pin all the way around and sew each side closed (making sure to also sew the felt pieces down), but be sure leave an opening big enough to stick your fingers through!




Step 3:
Cut off any excess felt that may be sticking out, then take out all your pins and turn the square right-side-out.  Make sure you poke those corners!



Step 4:
Top stitch all the way around the square to close up the hole and add a pretty detail:).  Please ignore the fact that there are snaps already in this picture – forgot to take a pic before I added them – oops!


Step 5:
Feel to find the felt inside and add your snap!  Repeat on the opposite felted corner to finish the snap.


Step 6:
Fold it in half to make a triangle, snap it in the back, and put it on an adorable baby!  Then just flip it the other way if you want to show the other side:).


That’s it – you did it!  Wasn’t that easy?  Who knew something so cute AND functional could come from a couple of squares of fabric, right?!  Hope this brings a little joy to someone little in your life:)

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2 Comments on “DIY Reversible Bandana Bib

  1.  by  Janet Bowman

    I’ve been looking for a reason to buy that snap tool! Now I think I have the reason!!!

    •  by  TabTodd

      Honestly, I love it! And, I don’t even get any kick-backs for saying that – ha! It’s super easy (way easier than the metal ones).

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