DIY Mason Jar Favors

Mason jar crafts have become so popular lately, and I just love seeing all the fun things being done with them.  With our big girl’s birthday just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for me to give one a try!

Micah’s birthday party will be farm themed, and I just loved all the little animal mason jars I saw on Pinterest.  After finding this Mason Jar Tutorial from Three Little Monkeys Studio, I figured I could probably do this.  Yes, I can do this.  And I did!  Believe me, this one is easy-peasy:).  I did do a couple of things differently and took some pictures along the way – here’s how I did it:

What you’ll need:


– mason jars (I got 24 for $15 at my local Target)
– tiny animals (I got these farm animals for $8 at my local Target – other fun options here and here!)
– spray paint (I used some I already had, but I highly recommend using Rustoleum Professional spray paint – they have lots of colors and it rarely needs a second coat!)
E6000 (or other strong glue – I recommend E6000, because it has enough grit to make the metal and tiny animal feet stay stuck!)

Step 1:

– Glue the lid pieces together.  Just squeeze a little of your glue around the circle inside and place the disc inside.  Push it down a little and let it dry.


Step 2:

– Glue your animals to your lids!  I just put dabs of the E6000 on each foot and pressed it onto the lid gently.  Your animal should be able to stand on its own to dry.  Allow to dry.


Step 3:

– Spray paint.  Place your animal lids animal side up on a trash bag and spray paint all of them at the same time.  Make sure you get them all covered and let dry.  Apply a second coat if needed.


Step 4:

– Fill your jars with something fun and put those cute lids on!  Be proud of your very cute and incredibly frugal party favors!


I hope you enjoyed this quick little tutorial – I’d love to see pics if you decide to make some!  Be sure to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our blog to keep up with all of our tutorials coming up!


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