DIY Homemade Stamp

I’ve decided to get in on some of the tutorial fun. Tabitha asked me to make a stamp for an upcoming tutorial so I figured I’d just go through the steps for everyone else incase you wanted to make your own. Making a custom stamp is great way to personalize anything from fabric like tea towels and blankets to paper goods like paper bags and cards. It’s an easy way to add that handmade touch that makes each piece one-of-a-kind.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Rubber stamp block (LINK)

Mounting block (LINK)

Speedball Linoleum Carving tool (LINK)




LaserJet print of your design

Mineral Spirits (LINK)

Foam Brush

Plastic Straight Edge or spatula


The first step is getting your design on the stamp. You have two options here, either freehand draw it with a sharpie or transfer a design from a LaserJet Print.


Here’s a few tips for when working on your design.

1)    If using text, print it exactly the way you want it to stamp. (It will transfer backwards onto the stamp but that’s what you want it to do) Print it so it reads normally. If you are hand drawing it then you’ll have to draw it on backwards.

2)    Print the design in black. This will allow it to transfer the best. Your design should only have 1 color.

3)    Keep in mind you have to carve out what you print so at least starting out try to keep the designs fairly simple. Fine details and thin lines can be very difficult with the engraving tool.


Here’s how to use the laser jet print transfer: Take the print and lay it design face down on the stamp surface.


Then dip the foam brush in the mineral spirits and rub it over the paper generously. Make sure not to move the paper or the stamp once you have put the mineral spirits on. The paper will become more transparent and you will see your design very clearly


Rub the surface with a flat edge. You can use a spatula or I used an applicator for my iPhone screen protector. You should notice that as you rub the paper starts to detach from the print. Once the whole print is detached remove the paper and your design will now be on the stamp! Don’t worry if it doesn’t transfer perfectly you can always touch it up with the sharpie if you need to.


Next is the fun part. Carve away. When I do it I like to use the smallest blade and go around the design then work my way up to the thicker blades but this is really up to you.


Once you’ve carved out the whole design cut around the design closely. This will keep ink from getting on any unnecessary parts of the design. I wanted to get two separate stamps out of this block so I cut each feather out individually.


Now Adhere it to the mounting block. I got this from Amazon but any block will work you could even use a piece of wood if you wanted.


I wanted to get the most out of this block so I put one stamp on each side and there you have it! Happy Stamping.

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