DIY Growth Chart

Well, our two littles are growing like weeds.  They are short, yes, but growing nonetheless:)  Micah is always reminding us, “I’m growing up!”  She is so right, and now is the time to make as many fun memories as possible!

One small memory we both had growing up was measuring and seeing just how big we were getting – every kid wants to feel like a BIG kid!  When we were young, we just marked up the walls.  I suppose we could do that, but I would prefer a much cuter approach – enter the DIY Growth Chart!

This one is pretty simple – take a trip to your local hardware store soon and make one of your own!  Here’s how to do it:
What you’ll need:

– board (we got ours at Lowe’s)
– wood stain of choice
– foam brush
– 4″ stencils for numbers (we got ours from Amazon)
– paint color of choice and a small paintbrush


Step 1:

Stain your wood using your foam brush and let it dry overnight

Step 2:

Measure inches and feet, making a mark with a pencil.  Tip:  Start your first measurement at 6 inches that way when its hanging it looks better on the wall!


Step 3:

Place your numbered stencils in the appropriate foot markers along your board (you can tape them down if you want to) Then carefully paint in the  numbers.


Step 4:

Paint white lines over your inch and foot marks


And that’s it – just let it dry, hang it up, and measure those kiddos!  We’d love to see how yours turn out!  Be sure to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our blog to keep up with all our tutorials and giveaways!


2 Comments on “DIY Growth Chart

  1.  by  Julie

    Love this! I’m attempting a version right now but instead of paint, I’ve been playing with a woodburner 🙂 I just printed out the numbers really large and used a pencil to press the outline into the wood-it is surprisingly easy!

    •  by  BTodd

      Whoa! That sounds amazing. Wood burning is something I’d definitely like to pickup. Thanks for sharing!

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