DIY Felt Animal Purse (with FREE pattern!)

Hey, friends!  It’s been a while since we’ve added a new tutorial, so I happened upon a little inspiration just in time!

Browsing Pinterest, as I often do, I came across these adorable little animal purses from a store called Toyhood based in the UK. Considering I’m not planning to move to the UK any time soon and these little felt bags seemed simple enough, I immediately texted a snapshot to the hubbs and begged him to make a pattern for me so I could make some for my girls!

In the end, we decided to opt for different animals after getting some input from the purse aficionados themselves (our toddlers, of course), and they turned out so cute we just had to share!

There are lots of variations you can make with these to make them easier or turn them into different animals, so get crafty with it!

Here’s what you’ll need:



  • Free Toddah pattern! We made a RACCOON  and a CAT  and have patterns for both!  You can access them after liking us on Facebook!  The pattern pieces fit on one page – yay!  Just make sure NOT to scale when printing :).
  • scrap FELT fabric (about 1/4 yard for the front piece and 1/4 yard for the back would be more than you need).  You can certainly use the same fabric for the front and back or different colors like we did.  I DO recommend using a different color for the mouth piece.
  • Embroidery thread and needle for hand-stitching (if you choose to).  You could also simply cut out felt pieces to glue on, use yarn, or any other type of materials that might make it easier for you.
  • Buttons or other medium of choice for eyes
  • Kam snap kit , velcro, button, or your medium of choice as a closure
  • Rope, leather string, extra felt, or your medium of choice to use as a purse strap (we used this, which we found at our local Joann craft store for $2.99).
  • General sewing supplies

Step 1:

Cut out your pattern pieces and PIN them to your fabric to cut.  I don’t recommend tracing, because you may see the marks, considering there is no lining.  Be sure to fold pieces in half and line up the straight edge where labeled on the pattern piece along the folds!  The cat’s mouth is the only piece that won’t be folded over :).


Step 2:

Place the front piece on top of the back piece and line up the sides.  You will sew from one side all the way around to the other, leaving the top open.  The stitch should be close to the edge – 1/4 inch is plenty!


Step 3:

Turn the bag right-side out!  Be sure to run your fingers along the bottom to smooth out the edges.


Step 4:

Sew on the face pattern piece.  If you’re making a cat, this is the mouth piece.  If you’re making a raccoon, this is the eye mask.  Here, you’ll have some options.  I chose to hand-stitch with embroidery needle and thread, because I like the look of hand-stitching on felt.  However, you can certainly sew it on with a sewing machine or even glue it on.  If you choose to glue it on, I recommend using Liquid Stitch, which I’ve mentioned before in a few other tutorials.  That stuff STAYS :).  It’s easy to find at local craft stores, too.  Oh, and P.S. try not to stab the needle THROUGH your finger if you’re hand-stitching…   Not that I know from personal experience or anything (just ignore that bandaid on my finger in later pictures :).


Step 5:

Add your closure, which will double as a nose.  This will really be an eye-ball method, but you can look at the small picture on the pattern printout for reference.  I use plastic Kam Snaps, which I love, but if you don’t already have one, you may not want to spend money on one.  That’s okay!  Just buy some velcro or even a button at your local craft store.  If you use velcro, you’ll just need to cut out a nose from felt to add on the front of the nose flap.  If you use a button, you’ll need to make sure to cut a slit in the nose flap to go over the button.


Step 6:

Add eyes.  Once again, you’ll pretty much eye-ball where to put them.  Use the small picture on the pattern printout for reference as needed!  I used black buttons, but you could certainly use embroidery thread or just cut out felt pieces to make eyes!


Step 7:

Add facial features.  I used an embroidery needle and thread to hand-stitch mouths, whiskers, and any other features.  You could certainly cut out felt pieces instead if you’d like and sew or glue them on to make it quicker!


Step 8:

Sew on the rope (or other purse strap of your choice).  I like to keep things easy, so I simply cut my rope, placed it on the inside, and sewed back and forth in two places to hold it tight.  I cut my strap about 30″, since I was making them for my littles.  Later, I figured that might have even been a little long for them and might recommend 25″, depending on how little your little might be.  If it’s for a bigger kid or adult, you might want to go with a 35-40″ strap (you can always knot it at the top if it’s too long).


Step 9:

Fill it up and put it on yourself or someone else as soon as possible!


And, that’s it!  Look what you did!  Now, get creative with it – I bet you could make a bear, or a fox, or even a hedgehog if you just change it up a bit :).  We’d love to see what you come up with!

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