Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas. Having kids has only made me love it more and given me a whole new appreciation and excitement for the holiday season. Starting new traditions is one of my favorite things about growing up and starting a family of my own. This will be our fourth Christmas with kids so our family is probably still too young to have traditions, but there are a couple small things that I’ve done the past 4 years that I’d like to continue. The first is our holiday video that incorporates our girls. This year may be my favorite so far.

And the second is a Christmas Poster that we give to family. This year I revisited my first design and created two more posters to fit the theme. While it isn’t “Christmas” themed it still centers around what our family views as the importance of the season.

I will try to put some of the extras we printed in our etsy shop soon if you are interested.


I’m looking forward to making many more family traditions and memories for the years to come.



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