DIY Nursing Cover Tutorial

Well, you may have heard the news – we are expecting again!  This means a lot of things, but most importantly that I’ll probably be posting a lot of baby DIYs and fun baby finds in the next few months.  This one, though, is for the mamas out there!  I nursed our first child for […]

Asymmetrical Clutch Tutorial with Free Pattern

The Holidays are upon us, which means gifting is in full swing!  Sometimes, gifting can be tough, especially on your budget.  But alas, handmade gifts are both budget-friendly and personal, which make the holiday season better for everyone! So, I thought I would share a little clutch tutorial with you, just in time to make […]

DIY Pillow Cover

Pillows can be a wonderful addition to any space.  They have the ability to turn a boring couch into a conversation piece, or turn a dull living room into a bright place to entertain.  What’s even better about pillows?  Pillow covers are super easy to make! Just a little FYI – this tutorial is for […]

DIY Tie Flower Brooch

Remember when it was cool for your guy to wear ugly ties, and every Christmas and birthday came with another to add to the collection? Well, if this is you, and all those ties are stuffed away in your garage or closet waiting for that yard sale you may or may not have when good […]

Little Leggings Tutorial with Free Pattern!

This post has been our most popular, and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback along the way.  A year and a half later, we have decided to UPDATE!  While the instructions largely remain the same, we’ve done a complete overhaul on the pattern, creating one with a rise in the back for more booty space:).  […]

DIY Bib Scarf

  First, let me answer the question I know is on everyone’s mind:  “Where did you find that super cute baby?”  Answer: I made her!  Yep, that’s my little one, and she’s quite the model.  Like all moms out there, I try to make sure she’s modern and cool, at least most of the time.  […]