Appologies and Excuses

We have been neglecting our blog. So first off I want to say sorry and thanks for hanging in there with us. We are planning to pick it back up in May and will give you some great new posts on a weekly basis. We have heard all the comments on updating our patterns for the tutorials and adding new sizes and will get to that this summer. Tabitha has the summer off so she will be able to spend more time getting those updates and lots of great new posts as well.

We’ve been adjusting to a few major changes over the past month and let it get in the way of us posting regularly. One thing is that I got a new job and have been focusing my time there, but now that I’ve transitioned I should be able to get back into the habit of keeping up this blog. AND we recently found out we (actually just Tabitha) are pregnant with our second kid. Tabitha has had a rough month of early pregnancy but we are expecting things to get much better next month. We are both SUPER excited about our newest addition and will probably be posting about things we find for the new one’s room. Anyway, lots of transition happening and all for the better so I’m hoping the same is true for this blog.  We’ll start things off next week with our new posts, but until then here’s our baby announcement we recently made! See you next week.




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