3 more toddler apps July 2014

As our daughter gets older I’ve noticed I let her play with our iPad more than we used to. I’m just fascinated by her development and love watching her learn and interact with the apps. I should emphasize that these apps don’t replace their real world counterparts in our house. We still read LOTS of physical books and play with actual dolls, but the collection of apps I have today are great supplements to those activities and much more mobile.

First is an older app. “Another Monster at the End of This Book”. When I was a  kid I remembered reading “A Monster at the End of This Book,” and I loved it!  So when I saw the updated interactive version for the iPad nostalgia got the better of me and I downloaded it right away. And I wasn’t disappointed. It’s lots of fun and full of interactive elements and animations that have continued to engage our daughter since she was one. Then we would have to do the activities but now that she is 2 she has figured out the puzzles and works her way to the end of the book on her own. There are also lots of extra hidden animations, which encourage kids to explore each page. This definitely tops my list for interactive stories on the iPhone and iPad.anotherMonster

Next is “Fiete Match”. Micah has loved memory games for a while now. You know, where you flip over two cards and look for a match. We play them at home and on apps so this App was the perfect addition. In it you play against a sailor pent up in a lighthouse. The settings can be adjusted according to multiple levels of difficulty so I think this one has lasting potential as well. It also has multiple variations of the game where you match sea creatures, or simple math equations where you match the problem with the answer and a version where you just match objects that go together like an airplane and a propeller. The variety and reaction animations make it fun to play for a while.



Lastly I have another Toca Boca game. I know I featured them last time but they just make so many great apps and as soon as I put it on my phone it becomes Micah’s new favorite so I think it’s worth sharing another. This one is called “Toca Town”. It’s basically like having a digital dollhouse on your phone. There is no objective to the app. Just characters and 6 sets for them to interact in. The rest is up to you. You can move them around give them props to hold and create your own story with them. It is so simple that it allows for endless possibilities and is only limited by your imagination. I can see this one staying in rotation for a while as our daughter continues to develop.



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