3 Great Toddler Apps

Toddler apps are extremely popular but it can be overwhelming with all the options out there. And while all kids are different I thought I’d share a few of the new apps I recently purchased that have been a big hit with my daughter who is almost 2. Some people may try to avoid paying for apps but in my mind these are well worth the money. We don’t let our daughter play on our iPhones as much as she’d like, but there are times, often when we are at a restaurant, that an engaging app can be the difference between a pleasant dinner or an embarrassing one.


I should also mention that since I’m a designer and an animator so both of those qualities play a big part in my selection process and are a requirement for me before I will put an app on my phone whether it’s payed for or not. Here are my latest 3 additions and Micah’s current favorites:



The idea behind this app is simple, take a bunch of animals divide them into three sections a top middle and bottom and then mix and match each section. Each time you rotate the screen there is a fun animation for that section and there is also a special animation each time you match all the sections of the animal correctly. The colors and character designs on this app are fantastic and each animation is quirky and fun. You can also see what your animal creations would be called which is surprisingly fun.

Busy Shapes:

Busy Shapes

We have a few actual shape sorters at our house where you put a square in the square hole or a circle in the circle hole and our daughter really enjoys playing with those so getting a digital version for when we are on the go was an easy decision to make. What’s really nice about this app is that it starts out very simple. Drag one shape to the only hole on the screen. But as you play the levels become a little more complicated and have multiple shapes and colors that you must match as well as a few obstacles. AND if a level is ever gets to difficult it will scale itself back down to an easier one if your toddler is having some trouble. I really enjoy watching Micah play this one because she has to do some problem solving and I can see the wheels turning in her head as she plays.

Toca Pet Doctor:

Pet Doctor

This one is currently our daughter’s favorite and it’s easy to see why. Bright colors, playful animals and a variety of mini games keeps her engaged for quite a while. I am a big fan of everything Toca Boca puts out. They are continuously making great apps and I have quite a few others that also on my phone. In this one you play doctor to 15 sick animals. Each one has a problem that you must take care of from bumps on the head to broken wings. It’s filled with fun animations and simple enough game play for our almost-2-year-old to easily figure out. This is another one where you can see her trying to figure out what she needs to do to help the animals and when she solves each problem she gets a huge smile on her face and see a sense of satisfaction. I recommend adding all these apps to your phone but if you can only add one then this would be the one to get!

Hope that helps out anyone looking for great toddler apps. I’m sure I’ll be adding new ones all the time as Micah continues to grow and with our newest little one on the way so I’ll post those as I find the ones I’d consider worth purchasing. If this was helpful or if you don’t want to miss out on future app reviews like us on Facebook and/or signup for our monthly (or less) newsletter to the right of this post.


2 Comments on “3 Great Toddler Apps

  1.  by  Keera

    Awesome thanks! I just downloaded the Miximal one for my 18 month old.
    Before I had my baby I was so anti-technology for toddlers, well then I had a toddler and I changed my mind… When you’re out in public I must say apps are the perfect anti-tantrum solution!!! Bus and restaurants for sure.

    •  by  BTodd

      Haha I know exactly where you are coming from. I like to think of it as the modern activity menu with crayons.

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